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LBC is one of the leading courier companies in the country. For their domain, they used LBCEXPRESS.COM. While this may seem like a good choice for a domain name for a courier company, they are actually losing as much as 724,178.88 pesos a year for having a bad domain name. Below is a study conducted on the LBCEXPRESS.COM domain. Let the math speak for itself.


March 2010
visits : 9997 (data from

Data from show that had 9,997 visits March of 2010.


34.4% of this traffic came from search engines. (data from

9997 x 34.4% = 3438.97

= 3438.97 site traffic from search engines

This gives us 3438.97 visitors who found their site using search engines.



Using the FireClick index, an indicator of web conversion rates, which is currently at 4.2%, we can compute for the number of buying customers from total visitors and buying customers from search engines.

4.2% conversion rate

9997 x 4.2% = 419.87 buying customers
3438.97 x 4.2% = 144.44 buying customers from search engines



Philippines - 67.6%
Others - 32.3%

9997 traffic for whole site
9997 x 67.6% = 6667.99 traffic from the phils
9997 x 32.3% = 3229.03 traffic from abroad

Further data from show that 67.6% are local traffic while 32.3% are visitors who are viewing the website from abroad.



1 Balikbayan Box in United Arab Emirates (UAE) costs 110 AED

1 AED = 12 pesos

419.87 x 110 AED = 46185.70 AED
144.44 x 110 AED = 15888.40 AED


Using Alexa's data, we can see that 55.45% of total visitors used the keyword "LBC" and "LBC PHILIPPINES" to search for the LBC website. These are the most popular keywords because "LBC" is the company name and "LBC PHILIPPINES" is used to narrow down search engine results since there are other entities known as "LBC" such as the London's Biggest Conversation (, a London based radio talk show), the Louisiana Baptist Convention ( The domain LBC EXPRESS is rarely used and only gets 3.04% of total queries.

There is already a significant amount of lost traffic by using a bad domain name such as It's not even their brand name. LBC's brand name is "LBC Hari ng Padala". As the data would show, people are more familiar with plain LBC or search for LBC PHILIPPINES since they are looking for the company LBC in the Philippines.

This being the case, why would LBC use a domain name that only 3.04% of their target market are familiar with? Based on the behavior and search engine analytics, it is obvious that LBC should opt for a better domain name. A domain name that will make people remember their domain and find them in search engines easier. Having your most effective keyword as your domain will significantly increase your website's traffic, not to mention the marketing advantages of using your brand name (in this case, LBC, as your domain).

Google Trends data also show that there are 50.5 times more searches for the keyword "LBC PHILIPPINES" as opposed to "LBC EXPRESS". This means that for every query for the keyword LBC EXPRESS, there are 50.5 more queries for LBC PHILIPPINES. This means that by using a better domain name such as LBC.PH, they increase their chances of being found on search engines since the domain LBC.PH has the elements of their most significant keywords: LBC and LBC PHILIPPINES. LBC.PH is also easier to remember since most people are familiar LBC without the EXPRESS. The Google Trends data also tells us that the LBC website could have had 50 times more traffic from search engines if only it used a better domain / keyword such as LBC PHILIPPINES.

lbc philippines gets 14.93% search engine query share of 3438.97 (total google search engine traffic)
= 513.43
lbc express gets 3.04% search engine query share of 3438.97 (total google search engine traffic)
= 104.54

we know that lbc philippines gets 50.5 times more searches than keyword lbc express. hence,

104.54 x 50.5 = 5279.27

from this data alone, we can assume that is already losing (5279.27 - 513.43) 4765.84 traffic since people are more familiar with the lbc philippines as oppossed to lbc express. having a domain that matches the market's familiarity with their company identity constitutes a certain portion of their type in traffic. Assuming that 4765.84 is lost traffic,



We assume LBC's profit for every delivery is 25 AED.

4.2% of 4765.84 = 200.16 sales
200.16 x 25 AED = 5004 AED per month
5004 x 12 months = 60048 AED per year
1 AED = 12.06 pesos
60048 x 12.06 pesos = 724,178.88 pesos a year.

LBC is losing 724,178.88 pesos a year because of a bad domain name.


p = interest rate
With 10% interest:
1 + P / P = 11
724,178.88 x 11 = 7,965 967.68 pesos

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