Choosing the RIGHT domain name

Make your domain easy to find

You may have the domain you think fits you best, but it's not going to work if your website doesn't show up on search engine results. Need help in finding the domain that ranks in search engines?

How to get a great domain that's easy to find

Use Google To Help You Find The Perfect Domain Name

You can use tools like Google Trends so you can find out what people are searching for. Use the search keyword as a domain. Now people can look up the information they want, and your site shows up in the search results.

Unfortunately, even established companies fail to see the value in this.

Case study:

Localized Searches

Google and other search engines now have a localized counterpart. (Google has and Yahoo has And these local counterparts give different search results from the international (or US) version. They are prioritizing local domains over those with .COM, so to have a .PH domain when you're targeting a Filipino market is a great advantage.