Choosing the RIGHT domain name

How to choose the wrong domain

There are 80 million .COM domains out there. Getting a .COM means you're not only competing with websites that are in your line of business, but you're also competing with all .COM domains in terms of mindshare! Talk to us so we can point you in the right direction!

dotCOM domains don't stand out

You don't want to be just another .COM domain in a sea of 80 million names don't you? Okay, .COM domains may be reasonably priced and abundant, but to get the domain you want, it’s impossible. They’re everywhere, and they won’t let people remember your brand easily.

.PH gives you the upper hand

Instead of getting the old and tired .COM get a ccTLD.
These domains, stand out because they're practically
unique when stacked against the 80 million .COMs.
You can even play with ccTLDs to get an even more
unique and memorable domain!