Choosing the RIGHT domain name

How to choose the wrong domain

Protect your brand from cybersquatters who plan to make money off your brand. We don't want cybersquatters getting domains that are similar to yours. To protect your domain, email us for help. Also, you need to remember these:

Get Domain Variations

People will definitely misspell your domain name at one point or another. Cybersquatters will take advantage of this by registering these typos so that they get the traffic that should've been yours! They earn money out of your domain through ads, or by selling it at an inflated price.

Bottom line: register the variations and misspellings of your domain name to protect your brand, and redirect them all to your site. You'll be surprised at the traffic gains you'll get.

Is the domain you want taken?

If somebody else has taken a domain you want or one with your branding on it, you have three options to get your domain back:

MSue Registrant

This one is pretty self-explanatory. However, it'll probably take years of legal work and it will cost you money. We really don't recommend this one unless you have no other option.

Buy it from registrant

With the dotPH Brokerage Service, you will have a dedicated broker assigned to your account who will mediate negotiations between you and the Seller. Your identity will always be protected.

File a dispute

The Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) is a process dotPH uses to resolve disputes regarding the registration of domain names. For more information, click here.